LEC Summer 2019 preview

LEC Summer 2019
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G2 Esports will headline the Summer split of the League of Legends European Championship, which starts on June 7.

They shocked the world by becoming the champions of the Mid-Season Invitational recently and will now bid to maintain that form.

While they did ‘only’ face Team Liquid in the final, following an upset on the other side of the bracket, G2 showed from early in the group stage that they were at a different level compared to previous international events.

The entire team had their own moments to shine, with Wunder being one of the players to receive the lion’s share of praise given his seemingly-endless champion pool and willingness to play Pyke, a champion known primarily as a Support, as a Top-laner.

Mikyx was perhaps the largest surprise of them all, leading the troops and individually outplaying many talented players despite his continued wrist issues.

G2 now enter the Summer campaign looking for the perfect split of losing no matches, something they had a shot at during the Spring.

League of Legends is a game willing to change a myriad of things throughout the season, so keep an eye on G2 Esports from patch to patch to see if they can maintain the status quo.

Changes for Schalke

FC Schalke 04 have added Jungler Trick to their squad, albeit he faces stiff competition given he plays the same role as Memento.

Interestingly enough, Trick has some synergy with part of this roster already, joining former bbq OLIVERS teammate IgNar, with the latter enjoying a resurgence following his return to Europe.

In Spring, Schalke were a solid team, although they lacked star power outside of Upset to find success in key moments. The addition of Trick could be them looking for more experience and savvy to add to the young talent of Upset, although they could just as easily be rotating Junglers depending on the match-up, as other teams have previously.

Abbedagge is entering his second split and, if he develops as hoped, this is where improvement could come for Schalke.

The LEC is a stacked league, especially in the upper half, so Schalke will need to find success early if they want to keep their heads above water.

Rogue shuffle line-up

Rogue have overhauled of their line-up since the Spring split, with the headline move being the addition of Selfie to the Mid lane. He was traded from FlyQuest in exchange for Support Wadid.

Vander had seen increased play over Wadid throughout the Spring split, allowing Rogue to flip him for a potential star. Long seen as a talented player, Selfie has struggled to completely transition his play onto the bright lights of the stage.

Joining Selfie is new Jungler Inspired, with Kikis departing from the team after just a single split. He is yet to sign for another squad.

Rogue were a mess for much of the Spring campaign but after making more changes than any other line-up, they also enter Summer as the largest unknown.

Origen saddled with expectations

Origen entered the Spring split looking to build for the future, but after a 2nd-place finish there is much greater expectation this time around.

Nukeduck continues to prove himself as a top-flight Mid-laner, with his wide champion pool and incredible mechanics. The combination of Nukeduck and Alphari manning the solo lanes establishes the core for this squad.

Patrik performed better than anticipated within the Spring split and his development will be directly tied to whether Origen keep on improving or not.

The top six in the double robin-robin stage qualify for the play-offs with the top two teams receiving a bye in the first round.