FaZe break grand finals curse in Chengdu against MOUZ – eSports 

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FaZe Clan recorded a seventh consecutive series victory over MOUZ. Karrigan also managed a feat on his birthday when he moved past the finish line again at a CS2 grand final.

The international side had a smooth and strong run at the end of the championship, but for MOUZ, they paid full price for the slow start to the series on their own very map pick on Overpass, where they came from an 11-5 deficit but still fell short on a 13-10 scoreline.

However, the action wasn’t as close as the scoreline made it look, but in just the opening map, Broky was the starman, as he recorded a 104.9 ADR on the opening map and 22 kills.

When it got to Nuke, it was straightforward for FaZe, as they picked eight rounds on their T side to start out the series. They also managed to successfully convert the pistol round win on the defense to begin their second-half campaign. 

MOUZ lifted its chances through some heroics from Deagle to give some fans hope, but FaZe immediately closed out the series afterward with a 13-6 scoreline.

Birthday boy Karrigan was impressive in the entirety of the series, making up for the poor numbers he posted in fragging. While FaZe’s best performer Broky had a 1.33 rating and frozen notching 1.31 rating, MOUZ’s best performer, Jimpphat had a rating of 1.08. 

It’s a better performance and makes the PGL Copenhagen Major final loss forgotten for now for FaZe as the teams prepare for ESL Pro League Season 19.

MOUZ’s loss is their seventh consecutive loss to an opposition that is a powerhouse and also one with a 100 per cent attendance rate in CS2 grand finals, and just as MOUZ’s xertioN stated after the game, FaZe’s playstyle was difficult for MOUZ to handle.