LCS To Switching back to best-of-3s, CS2 Players Groan over on feature – eSports 

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After more than six years of best-of-one play for the North American League of Legends competition, reports indicate that the LCS will return to best-of-three series from the 2024 Summer Split regular season.

League content creator Travis Gafford was the first person to report the change in a YouTube video on April 17, stating that the change would align NA’s premier league with China’s LPL and Korea’s LCK competitions.

The 2024 Summer Split schedule will have a two-week break that will lead into the 2024 Esports World Cup.

Meanwhile, China’s LPL and Korea’s LCK never moved from Bo3s, although the LCS had a similar format in the 2017 Summer Split, with TSM winning a third consecutive domestic title.

Meanwhile, the new change will not increase the number of playing days in the NA League competition, but Riot Games has shifted the regular season to a single round-robin before entering the 2024 postseason. The Playoffs will remain best-of-fives, as it has been since the LCS began in 2013.

Meanwhile, players in CS have shown their disappointment in Valve’s inability to add one specific feature to Counter-Strike 2 despite releasing in September 2023.

While there are a lot of features that are demanded by players, players on Wednesday asked on social media why there’s still no option to host private five-versus-five lobbies in CS2.

Creating a private lobby is a default option in a lot of other multiplayer games like League of Legends, but it’s still impossible to do in CS2.

Players posted on Reddit their frustrations in trying to play the game with friends but found no way to do so.

“Tried to play in private with friends, didn’t work at all. We were in disbelief that this wasn’t an option,” a player wrote in the comments. 

However, others hope it gets added soon as the community continues to assess and discuss the poor state of the game almost daily.