Showdown: DreamHack to host tournament series in July

May 21, 2020
DreamHack has announced the return of its all-female CS: GO tournament, Showdown, for 2020. During the announcement made today, DreamHack said due to the coronavirus pandemic; Showdown will be four online series in four, with [...]
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Magic format: MTG Lurrus Companion banned

May 19, 2020

Lurrus of the Dream-Den has been officially banned in a Magic format. With controversies trailing the creation of Companion cards in Standard, Lurrus becomes the first Companion from the Ikoria to be axed. The development […]

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Supercell celebrates 10-year anniversary

May 15, 2020

Finnish mobile games developer Supercell celebrating ten-year anniversary after enjoying a successful decade. Supercell is said to be the dream success story of any gaming startup after it was founded in 2010, and it recorded […]

This is the real reason Caps left Fnatic for G2
League of Legends

This is the real reason Caps left Fnatic for G2

May 13, 2020

A 20-year-old ESport player, Caps, has revealed the reason for his surprise exit from Fnatic and moved to G2. Speaking via his Vlog, the young player explained that some overarching problems made him switch teams […]