G2 Secures fourth LEC title in a row – eSports 

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The 2024 Spring Split grand final between G2 Esports and Fnatic will be one of the unforgettable finals for League of Legends EMEA fans. G2 Esports and Fnatic clashed on Sunday in an interesting matchup, but the former needed pentakills and a backdoor to do the damage.

The win is G2’s fourth consecutive domestic title and fourteenth overall league title. This one wasn’t easy, but it gives them a ticket to the Mid Seasonal Invitational as EMEA’s first seed. It’s also an underlining to their dominance in the EMEA scene. 

On an individual level, mid-laner Caps won the MVP award after his impressive performance in the final and his 12th title. 

G2 and Fnatic have been each other’s rivals for time immemorial; it’s a fixture that has history, albeit the latter entered the finals as underdogs, especially after they moved into the final, having to make their way through the lower bracket of the Spring Playoffs.

They chose an aggressive play style for the first game of the series, countering G2’s lane-swap strategy to secure an early advantage in the match. G2 didn’t settle for less in the second game as they adopted Baron steal by Yike and a pentakill from Caps to seal the victory, lighting up an entertaining series.

Fnatic refused to lay low in the third game and readapted their early-game prowess and pressure on G2 through skirmishes across the map. Unfortunately for them, the Caps’ tricky backdoor destroyed Fnatic’s defenses to give G2 a match point. 

Both teams will turn their focus onto the international stage. The Mid Season Invitational is approaching very fast, and G2 and Fnatic will represent the EMEA region, which faces some of the biggest and best teams from around the world.

Elsewhere, Gen.G scrapped out a 3-2 win over T1 in the grand finals of the LCK Spring Split 2024 to win their fifth LCK Split win in total and become the first team to win four successive titles under their belt.