Griffin returns to winning ways after a 10-game losing streak

Griffin returns to winning ways after a 10-game losing streak
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Griffin’s win against APK Prince in the week seven of the 2020 LCK Spring Split has ended their ten games losing streak.

Although it wasn’t a dominant performance that brought a seamless victory, this could raise the morale and confidence level of the team ahead of the League of Legends Champions Korea’s promotion series—scheduled for this summer.

Top laner Park “Untara” Ui-jin and ADC Park “Viper” Do-Hyeon got rewarded for their performance in the game after playing on Ornn and Miss Fortune, with the Player of the Game awards.

Griffin’s misfortune in the LCK started after they qualified for the World Championship last year. They had finished first in both the Spring and the 2019 Summer splits of LCK, which made them secured their qualification for the World Championship.

Their performance started dwindling after their former head coach cvMax was released from the team ahead of the World Championship group stage, leaving them without a coach.

They were able to qualify from the group stage but was eliminated in the last eight by Invictus Gaming. Their ouster was due to poor drafts and suboptimal gameplay.

After the failed World Cup campaign, many of their players began to drift to other teams, but the top laner, jungle, and ADC stayed with the team, and they were part of the squad in Korea’s LCK 2020 Spring Split. Since their new roaster, they have been struggling to get a win as recorded in the previous two splits.

Griffin is currently rooted at the bottom of the log in the LCK standings, after being beaten by all their opponents before the win against APK.

This will could bring back the lost confidence in the squad and propel them to greatness ahead of the Summer Promotion tournament. In the tournament, they will have to up their game as they will be facing the winners of Challenger’s Korea tournament once the LCK Spring Split is concluded.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed