LoL Patch Update 6.23
League of Legends

LoL Patch Update 6.23

November 29, 2016 Admin Dafaesports

Aside from the bug fixes and minor updates required after that Assassin-centered overhaul from Patch 6.22, the update 6.23 offers lesser changes, and we’ll try to discuss the biggest ones here! For the complete set […]

Boston Major

Boston Major Preview

November 25, 2016 Admin Dafaesports

From 3 December, the Wang Theater in Boston will open its doors for the Boston Major. It will be the first Major of the season and the fourth overall since the introduction of the format […]

LoL 6.22 Patch Updates - Part 2
League of Legends

LoL 6.22 Patch Updates – Part 2

November 18, 2016 Admin Dafaesports

Now that we’re done with the major changes with the Assassin updated skills, let’s move on and discuss how Riot tweaked the other factors in the League of Legends game to make it more balanced […]

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