LoL Patch Update 6.23

LoL Patch Update 6.23
LoL Patch Update 6.23
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Aside from the bug fixes and minor updates required after that Assassin-centered overhaul from Patch 6.22, the update 6.23 offers lesser changes, and we’ll try to discuss the biggest ones here!

For the complete set of changes made in 6.23, visit League of Legends’ own website and take on all the facts.




Not everyone is going to love these changes to Shyvana, but we understand the rationale behind the tweaks made to improve the users’ experience when using the Half-Dragon.

Before, Shyvana users enjoyed high damage but had a tough time getting close to targets since it was relatively easy to time “Dragons’ Descent” and knock her out of the path.

But this time with the “R” skill unstoppable, Shyvana will have an easier time pouncing on her foes and killing them with her bevy of fire-powered skills which despite being limited damage-wise, have been improved in variety that will allow creative and resourceful users to have their way with playing with unsuspecting and unlucky targets!



The Cryophoenix underwent two major changes with the update – the cooldown of Anivia’s skills mostly got decreased, but the initial damage caused by her main combo skills “Glacial Storm” and “Frostbite” got somewhat lessened.

Users will now probably have to time the tried-and-tested combo better, and will also probably have to use another source of burst damage to get a kill out of the pairing, but Anivia remains as one of the hardest opponents to face in the lane, especially if you get caught in her ice traps. Good luck.



Malzahar users will probably enjoy using “Void Swarm” more now since the time cost for the Voidlings to procreate (?) has been greatly decreased and the damage has been upped.

Voidlings no longer spawn other Voidlings after killing minions though, so that will affect how fast Malzahar can create a Voidling wave. But with the 300% damage increase of Voidling attacks on those foes with “Malefic Vision”, it would be hard not to feel the bite even of just three or four of those little annoying mini-spider freaks.






The fiery blade will now give its wielder 25% attack speed, to complement its already powerful unique passive.

If then you thought twice before building the Rageblade because it requires equipment that boosts attack speed, well now it offers both so that 3600 cost is not too much of a burden to bear!



Both the “Sterak’s Gage” and “Lord Van Damm’s Pillager” got a price cut, meaning it’s now more reasonable to splurge on these items than before.



The latest League Client Patch Update will now enable Replays in all servers, and will show the list of all public custom games that are available.


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