How DalkA used Taliyah to surpass 800 LP early in season 10

How DalkA used Taliyah to surpass 800 LP early in season 10
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A Korean player has already earned 800 LP on the ladder in the League of Legends season 10.’s database shows that Park “DalkA” Myeong-Joon, who is one of the top players on the Korean server, who mostly spammed Taliyah to climb the ladder.

This is happening less than a week that League of Legends season 10 began. It has left many to wonder how he was able to achieve the feat. The top player succeeded in the Platinum division and above, where Taliyah is seventh in win rate at 53.6 percent.

DalkA is a former AD carry and top laner who now coaches Spear Gaming, which has secured qualification for the 2020 Spring Split of Challengers Korea, the regional league under the LCK.

They earned a top-12 placing at the KeSPA Cup in January for the effort.

It was also gathered tha Dalka currently has 81 percent win rate with bot lane Taliyah in season 10 as plays by himself or with Spear Gaming’s support, Kim “Asper” Tae-Gi most of the time.

Since the commencement of the LPL, Taliyah has been played twice but not in the bot lane. EStar player Yuan “Cryin” Cheng-Wei picked her in the mid lane. She was then selected in the jungle by Rogue Warriors’ Chen “Haro” Wen-Lin.

Taliyah’s versatility is a great advantage that can help teams try to trick their opponents, who can hardly guess her next move on the map without knowing all of the other champions on the team.

With this attribute, Taliyah might be the new bride as players could often pick her in the Spring Split of other leagues, which will start soon.

It has been reported that the South Korean server is the first where a player reached such a high number of LP so far in season 10, with an exception to the server in China that was not counted.

Others behind DalkA in the rankings are not far behind him as well. They are having 780, 721, and 707 LP, respectively.

North America is still far behind as the highest-ranked player in the region boasts of 450 LP by playing support.

With the look of things, South Korea could be a force to reckon with as it continues to prove that it’s one of the most active League regions in the world.

The 2020 LCK Spring Split will start on February 5.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed