Blast Pro Series Lisbon Preview
Counter Strike: GO

BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018 preview

December 13, 2018 Admin Dafaesports

The BLAST Pro Series descends upon Lisbon this weekend with the main question being whether Astralis can finish the year by maintaining their outstanding form. Astralis’ domination of Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been a […]


PLG Grand Slam 2018 preview

December 11, 2018 Admin Dafaesports

The Power League Gaming Grand Slam 2018 takes place in Abu Dhabi this week, presenting an opportunity for non-tier-one teams to pick up a trophy. While there are 16 teams in attendance, the four best-known […]

All Star Las Vegas Review
League of Legends

All-Star Las Vegas review

December 11, 2018 Admin Dafaesports

The League of Legends All Star event in Las Vegas had a myriad of different competitions – individual and team – taking place, all with interesting wrinkles to their stories. Europe beaten The first event […]

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