G2 beats Vitality at IEM Dallas to win org’s first CS2 trophy – eSports 

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G2 Esports have finally laid their hands on their first CS2 trophy with the IEM Dallas trophy after beating Vitality at the weekend after a 2-1 win.

G2 esports were the underdogs going into the last weekend of IEM Dallas 2024 playoffs, but they made an unexpected result, beating the Giants 2-1 to win their first Counter-Strike 2 trophy as an organization.

G2 frontman m0NESY raked in an 83-kill and 1.61-rated grand final performance to deservedly win the tournament MVP. However, another player enjoyed the fans’ accolades on Sunday.

American Major Champion Stewie2K showed that his stint away in VALORANT hasn’t taken away his charm in the CS game even though his return to the game and G2 was improved after the withdrawal of Captain HooXi.

“I’m back. It’s probably the best feeling ever. I feel like I’ve been through hell for this shit; I’m very grateful and very thankful, honestly. I didn’t feel I was ready to come here, but the fact that it ended up this way meant it was meant to be.” Stewie said after the grand final. 

G2 ran through a lower bracket group stage and secured victories over perennial CS2 foes FaZe Clan and 9z.

Meanwhile, Stewie’s last Counter-Strike trophy was close to five years ago when he was with Team Liquid at IEM Chicago. His short but very impactful time with G2 has shown where he belongs, and NA CS has been reminded of his quality after an impactful week in Dallas last week.

Meanwhile, G2 will be at the OVO Arena in London in the coming days ahead of the BLAST Premier Spring Final. The competition will see the return of the in-game leader HooXi, but Stewie will start a hunt for a CS2 team, which will not be a long search after his recent showings at IEM Dallas.