LCS designs new format for NA LoL Summer Split – eSports 

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The North American League of Legends fans are eating well, as the 2024 Summer Split is shaping up well with the changes made to the LCS and its format.

The changes made were announced on Tuesday by Commissioner Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman, who gave an explanation of the new changes in a season primer.

He confirmed that there will be a single round-robin, best-of-three format for the regular season. The changes have been initiated by a huge feedback from fans that continue to rise in the LCS in comparison to the LPL and LCK.

Organizers Riots explained that they remained steadfast to giving the fans demands a priority while giving their explanations on the changes.

“Firstly, we remain committed to our ‘Fan First’ approach, prioritizing the desires of our audience and the competitive interests of our teams. We also believe best-of-three formats offer teams the opportunity to showcase their skills and strategies in more matches on stage, focusing on a single opponent each week.” Riot said.

Players will enter a new playoff format in the summer which will potentially make the new season better, as every team who makes the Summer Split playoffs will enter the winners bracket, but there is a gauntlet-style lower bracket to give better opportunity to win the championship.

Furthermore, the two top seeds will have a first-round bye, and the top team will have the opportunity to choose the side of the upper bracket they will want to move on as the tournament continues. 

With this format, the top team may only play two playoff series before reaching the LCS Championship, yet in the same tournament, another team may play up to five playoff series before getting to the finals. The Summer Split begins on Saturday, June 15, with three spots at Worlds 2024 available for NA League teams.