Team Beastcoast wins Major Manchester 2024 – eSports 

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Fans of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege witnessed a memorable climax at the BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024, which concluded on Sunday, May 26. Hosted at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre, this ten-day tournament became the most-watched Rainbow 6 Major in nearly two years, excluding the Six Invitational and high-profile streamer events.

The prize pool for this event was a whopping $750,000, to be fought for by twenty teams, some of the best in the game. Over 162,000 people were tuned in for this final match, and they all got to see Beastcoast emerge as the winner, which saw them take home a large chunk of the money after beating Team BDS, who took the second biggest split. 

Beyond the financial rewards, teams were also vying for crucial points towards the Six Invitational Global Standings, enhancing their chances of qualifying for the prestigious season-ending championship.

Beastcoast’s performance in the final match was one of sheer skill as they turned their chances around, from trailing 1-2 to winning 3-2. The victory not only showed how tough the team was but also solidified their reputation as one of the top teams in Rainbow Six Siege esports. Throughout the tournament, matches involving Beastcoast were often the most viewed as they consistently delivered compelling performances. 

In total, the event garnered an impressive 5.1 million hours of watch time, with an average of 65,600 viewers tuning in during the 78 hours of broadcast. The success of the Manchester Major was also underscored by the strategic adjustments in the tournament format, which optimized viewer engagement and maintained high levels of excitement from start to finish.

Ranked as the third most popular Rainbow 6 event of the year, following the Six Invitational 2024 and the Jynxzi x Rainbow Six Siege: 1v1 Brawl on Twitch Rivals, the Manchester Major showed how popular the game is and how their brand continues to rise globally. 

Despite fewer co-streaming channels compared to past events, the Manchester Major delivered exceptional viewership numbers, thanks in part to influential content creators like zigueira from Team Liquid, who significantly boosted Portuguese viewership through their engaging live streams.