DRX continues winning streak in 2020 LCK Summer Split after defeating Afreeca Freecs

DRX continues winning streak in 2020 LCK Summer Split after defeating Afreeca Freecs
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DRX has continued its winning streak in the 2020 LCK Summer Split when they defeated Afreeca Freecs in a two-game League of Legends series.

After ADC Deft dismantled the opposition, the victory occurred, extending their streak into week three of the competition.

The Player of the Game awards went to the bottom lane of DRX, with support Keria picking up the first after performing in an outstanding fashion on Braum. Deft won the second after turning the to his tea’s favour after being on the brink of defeat in game two.

DRX in the first game secured a superior draft, and their execution was perfect, all thanks to Chovy and Keria, who were crucial with their crowd control abilities, which they utilised in catching AFS members, and allowed other members to finish them.

DRX, courtesy of its superior Dragon control, secured the Ocean Dragon Soul. This helped the team to defeat its opponent in the first game without much resistance.

In the second game, both teams traded dragons and Heralds left and right, making the encounter close. AFS went into the lead early into the mid-game, and they also maintained the dragon lead, with the Infernal Dragon Soul secured later on.

AFX was strong with the Infernal Dragon Soul in team fights, but DRX’s Deft showed his mettle by stopping them in their tracks with his signature Ezreal pick and superior mechanics. This helped his team to make a comeback into the game and maintain their undefeated score to close the series. This was a keenly contested affair that DRX was not comfortable with the last game as they were given a run for their money.

Next on the schedule of DRX is a clash against Team Dynamics and SeolHaeOne Prince next week. DRX is currently topping the LCK Summer Split standings.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed