2020 LCS Summer Split: TSM wins hectic clash against 100 Thieves

2020 LCS Summer Split TSM wins hectic clash against 100 Thieves
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TSM and 100 Thieves treated Esport fans to a roller coaster game after in the 2020 LCS Summer Split, which was a hectic affair that lived up to its billing.

TSM was the winner this time around in the series that took them  48 minutes, several throws, and multiple intense teams fight to emerge winners with 100 Thieves’ mid laner Tommy “Ryoma” Le bringing providing an exceptional performance after choosing Azir, giving TSM a run fr their money.

The game sees Baron steals by Ryoma to clutch Blitzcrank hooks from Biofrost, made the relaxing Sunday fun for the fans. It was indeed a classic North American affair as it was devoid of a clean sweep, as both teams, on multiple occasions, made huge mistakes, getting caught out, overextending, and bad individual calls were made.

TSM finally won the clash through its star mid-laner Bjergsen through the backdoor. The game will be one of the clashes with most anticlimactic endings so far as the entire match was action-packed. The team fights, which also occurred on multiple occasions, kept everyone on the edge of their seat.

TSM will be delighted over this win after winning its first series 2-0. However, there is still a lot of work to be done on the team’s roaster, as seen in the game. The decision making of the roaster as a unit and communication is questionable, and they could be roasted by a team with good decision making and a high level of communication.

The fans will be hoping that they continually improve with each game to make the top of the standings a bit more competitive. 

100 Thieves will be ruing their chances after making a few bad calls that cost them the win. However, this team a lot in stock to be successful, as displayed by Ryoma with improvement in his mechanics and confidence. Ryoma recorded nine kills in the game, which effectively answered all his critics.

Next on the schedule of TSM is another clash against third-place Counter Logic Gaming squad next week. Their opponent has shown great strides in their last game, which is an improvement from the last split.

TSM should be expecting a test more than that of 100 Thieves, and it is hoped that they improve on the team’s decision and communication this time around.