‘We needed a bit of a change” Potter explains how EG turned around its 2023 VCT season – eSports 

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Evil Geniuses entered the franchised leagues of VALORANT in January as one of the five North American organizations representing the Americas league.

NRG, Sentinels, Cloud9, and 100 Thieves were the favourites and the more popular teams with the quality compared to EG’s roster. Evil Geniuses were not considered favourites and were not expected to finish high.

However, EG surprised fans and enthusiasts even though they lost to 100 Thieves on April 10, but since then, they have gained and maintained momentum after taking maps against some of the best in the league.

While they nearly upset ladder-leading LOUD, they beat Leviatán and Sentinels to a 4-5 record.

These results are impressive and unexpected, and the head coach of Evil Geniuses, Christine “Potter” Chi, has revealed the secret to the results.

“When we were building the team coming into 2023, it was obvious that upgrades were needed, even with our great team from 2022. Looking across the table, it was obvious all the orgs were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on players. If we’re comparing resources, I didn’t have those to build a super squad and purchase the players who were on the stage holding trophies last year. I’m just trying to do the best with what I have.” Christine “potter” Chi said

Evil Geniuses have managed to win a map in every single match in their last six, even though they also lost 0-2 loss to NRG on May 19. That loss came in their last regular season series, and it’s the first 2-0 loss since their series against 100 Thieves over a month ago.

The subsequent results for EG saw them bounce back to make the playoffs too. Hopes remain, but they now need favours from elsewhere after the NRG team broke their four-game win streak.

Evil Geniuses hoped that MIBR would upset 100 Thieves, as that’s the only way Evil Geniuses can make the playoffs. That was what MIBR did, and even in a convincing manner sending EG through to the playoffs, where they faced NRG on Tuesday.

Daniel Ademiju Idowu