Victory Five sweeps Vici in LPL Summer Split

Victory Five sweeps Vici in LPL Summer Split
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Victory Five has continued their winning streak after they got off to their best start since their arrival in the LPL last year with another sweeping victory against Vici Gaming.

Their performance has continued to exceed all expectations with the 2020 LPL Summer Split into its fourth week.

V5 had ended on the losing side in their previous encounter with Vici. So, they finally got their pound of flesh this time around. V5 had overhauled their roster during the midseason break, and this has proven to be the masterstroke so far.

With many League of Legends fans expecting Vici to grow over time, V5 seems to have accomplished that development so far in the Summer Split.

Leyan, who joined the team from Invictus Gaming, made his debut for V5 but didn’t get the opportunity to shine, because his team had many losing matchups.

Vici, in the game, tried applying a specific strategy in this series, which made them center the team around star-player iBoy. Playing on Aphelios in both games, the ADC attempted to get enough space to deal massive damage to V5, but they were clever in their response. V5 tackled the strategy by applying constant pressure on the player, which prevented him from snowballing.

The ADC also tried turning around fights, and he sometimes won one-vs-two trades and dealing the most damage on his team. iBoy was shut down by V5 support Ppgod in fights after stunning him numerous times with Bard and Leona.

V5 looked to be like a new team after having a disastrous Spring Split outing that ended in a last-place finish, and they failed to win a single series. After the break, they overhauled the team and turned things around. V5 now looks stronger than ever winning four games and losing one – which was against LNG since the start of the split.

If they win their next game, they will tie their win record for a single split – five victories recorded in the 2019 LPL Summer Split. Next on V5’s schedule will be a tough matchup against RNG, which comes up next Thursday, June 25. This will now show if they are ready to run shoulders with the big boys.