VALORANT set to be left out of eSports World Cup due to schedule problems – eSports 

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One more layer of controversy has been added to the upcoming esports World Cup that will happen this summer, as it was reported on Wednesday that the eSports World Cup will happen without VALORANT happening at the competition.

Reports indicate that the potential absence of VALORANT at the Esports World Cup is due to scheduling conflicts. However, majority of the professional teams are pressuring Riot Games for the VALORANT game to be a part of the World Cup.

The eSports World Cup will happen in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and runs from July 4 until August 25, but while VALORANT was seriously considered for the Esports World Cup, unfortunately, there is no flexibility in the matches schedule that would give the professional teams to compete at the World Cup.

However, other Riot titles, like League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, will be played at the World Cup. July and August are the most jam-packed period on the VCT 2024 timetable.

The Esports World Cup will begin just in the middle of stage two of the VCT 2024 season. The first part will be in the midst of the final two regular-season games and the all-important playoff bracket, which will produce the teams that will move to Champions. The other part of the eSports World Cup runs deep into Champions itself, running the same time duration as both events will conclude on Sunday, August 25.

The VCT schedule is already choked, leaving no slot for the teams to feature at the eSports World Cup, but this may be considered while scheduling the calendar for next year, especially after Riot Games confirmed the planned change for the VCT schedule for 2025.

Riot intends to spread out events, giving VALORANT teams the space and chance to fix next year’s Esports World Cup in their plans.