Treatz not looking like stopping as he crosses 1,000 LP on the Chinese super server

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TSM’s substitute support Erik “Treatz” Wessén has surpassed Fnatic’s top laner Bwipo by 10 LP by reaching the 1,000 LP mark on the Chinese League of Legends server.

Treatz is now topping the spot on the Chinese super server between all League of Legends worlds participants. He is now the first North American player to achieve the feat. Behind him is FlyQuest’s jungler Santorin. The jungler, who has 700 LP, is ranked seventh across other pros.

Treatz, who has played for multiple teams in the space of three years, began his professional career in 2015. TSM signed him up in December 2018 for their Academy Roster, and the team went on to win the Spring Split 2019 playoffs 3-1 against Cloud9’s Academy team.  With such dominant performance, Treatz has been as one of the best NA Academy supports.

When TSM had a mediocre Summer Split in 2020, they brought in Treatz from the Academy roster, ahead of Biofrost for week six of the Summer Split. The gamble eventually worked as TSM bounced back and emerged winner of the Summer Split.

It could be noted that the team was yet to name the support ahead of playoffs. This was observed from TSM’s tweet. The outfit tweeted that they had chosen the better player ahead of the LCS Summer Split playoffs matches. This led to the return of Biofrost into the roster ahead of Treatz.

Treatz then suffered another defeat in the Academy Finals against Cloud9, but he had a good game as he played well overall.

This earned him an opportunity into the TSM’s main roster, and he was part of the teams that went to China for this year’s World Championship, There he grounded solo queue day and night and recorded a 60-per cent win rate, totalling 140 games over the past two weeks.

As he is currently number one pro player on the Chinese server, Treatz doesn’t look like slowing down, and he is likely to maintain the domination with his Pantheon plays.