This is the real reason Caps left Fnatic for G2

This is the real reason Caps left Fnatic for G2
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A 20-year-old ESport player, Caps, has revealed the reason for his surprise exit from Fnatic and moved to G2.

Speaking via his Vlog, the young player explained that some overarching problems made him switch teams in 2018, which was a big shock to the competitive League of Legends landscape.

The 20-year-old superstar in his vlog revealed that his former team had a lot of issues noting that the failure to function as a team was his main reason.

He added that he went for greener pasture because he couldn’t see Fnatic winning the Worlds then, adding that his thought was that G2 had the roster, organization, and staff, showing they are prepared to compete for the worlds and win it.

Speaking further, Caps revealed how Fnatic failed to fix the issues that they have been having during the year, adding that they had been putting them aside and worry about them later.

The talented mid-laner Caps also expressed surprise by the progress of the team at Worlds 2018 despite having so many problems with their roaster, and they went unsolved.

Speaking on how he could have improved on his game, the 2–year old said he didn’t know what he would have done differently due to the circumstances he found himself.

On the team’s preparation for the worlds in 2018, the middle laner said he was surprised that Fnatic was able to defeat the likes of Edward Gaming and Cloud9 despite lacking winning plays.

He also noted that his exit from the team make them to finally focus on the problems they have been having with their roster after they recorded eight losses in their first ten games during the 2019 LEC Spring Split.

He believes that Fnatic is now back to where it belongs after outgrowing its adversity to become a challenger in its region and international stage again.

The focus of the talented lad now is the 2020 Summer Split, which commences June 12, where he’ll be taking the role of a mid laner as usual for G2.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed