TenZ and Sentinels wins Masters Madrid to lift first international VALORANT trophy – eSports 

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TenZ and Sentinels seem to have gotten over the struggles of the last three years on the international scene as they won a marathon five-map series against Gen.G in Sunday’s Masters Madrid final.

The last two seasons have been exemplarily difficult for TenZ himself and, by extension, for Sentinels, but they stood the weather in a series that went the distance as both teams won their respective map picks.

Gen.G won their own map picks of Breeze and Ascent, while Sentinels claimed their picks of Bind and Split. By the time they both headed into Icebox, zekken had a record of 89 after four maps, including 29 on Split alone.

Before the game, Sentinels had only made an appearance on the Icebox twice and lost on both occasions, a contrast to Gen. G’s five wins out of the six Icebox maps they had played. 

Zellsis had a +10 kill/death differential, and 101 kills across the series to win his first international trophy. His inspiring performance came after a close first half, as he helped Sentinels put on an attacking masterclass in the second half.

This is the first time Zellsis, zekken, and johnqt all will be winning their first international trophy, while it is the second time TenZ and Sacy b will be winning the trophy each. Sentinels also have earned three VCT championship points by winning Masters Madrid, Sentinels.

They also got the trophy, the biggest size of the prize pool, and a special featured slot on the VALORANT store for their bundle. Sentinels are also the first organization to secure two VCT Masters and just the second team after Fnatic to win two international trophies.

They have also earned six points between Kickoff and Masters Madrid, a feat that has greatly inspired their race to qualify for Champions 2024. The champs will return in two weeks for the Americas league.