MinD_ContRoL apologizes to Tundra Esports after Dota 2 break up – eSports 

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The drama between Dota 2 veteran Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov and his former side, Tundra Esports, has potentially reached an anti-climax over the weekend as the player revisited his previous comments surrounding his exit from the organization.

MinD_ContRoL and Tundra ended their working relationship abruptly on the 22nd of February in the middle of DreamLeague Season 22 after he gave an ultimatum to the team. After his departure, MinD_ContRoL claimed Tundra’s management sidelined him while featuring him in an interview on Gorgc’s livestream.

However, in a new post, MinD_ContRoL has apologized to his former teammates and the organization, acknowledging that his initial outburst was an emotional one.

“Hey guys, So after clearing out my head now, I wanna apologize to Pure, Moon, Zai, and Tundra for making it sound like they did something bad to me,” MinD_ContRoL said. 

He also admitted that he didn’t accurately describe the situation and that he overreacted to the captaincy role, which he said was a unanimous decision by the whole team and not just a power grab by Pure.

He also appraised Moonmeander for his influence when the Birmingham qualifiers were on; he apologized for his misinterpretation of Zai’s General manager role, and he also misunderstood Zai’s intentions.

The recent incidents showed some of the key intricacies and complications of team dynamics and the challenges of integrating new members into an established squad. The situation, as expected, generated alot of reactions from fans of Dota 2 players, including former Dota 2 champion Peterpandam, who simply asked MinD_ContRoL: “How much did they pay you to post this?”

Tundra continues to show that they can keep making controversial decisions that will turn the Dota 2 community upside down and still get away with it. It’s a feat not many organizations have, and it’s one many fans quite give Tundra accolades for.