ALGS Regional finals replayed behind closed doors, As NA Reps confirmed – eSports 

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TSM have emerged winners of the ALGS North American Regional Final in a five-game final played on Tuesday evening. They went atop the leaderboard with 80 points after XSet and OpTic Gaming missed the Split One Playoff qualification threshold.

ALGS North American Regional Final got replayed off-broadcast and unannounced in a bid to prevent further disruption and protect players after Destroyer2009’s ALGS hacks planted cheats on pros Genburten and ImperialHal.

His hacks ended the Regional Final abruptly on March 18, with alot of fans expecting the final to be replayed as soon as possible, but that happened without public knowledge as none of N.A.’s Apex Legends pro players were streaming on March 25.

Instead, they were listed as “custom lobby” on the website “Apex Legends Status,” which suggested to fans that the games were probably held behind closed doors and guarded in secrecy.

Fans started posting screenshots to follow up on their suspicion, and they were confirmed when the results began uploading to Apex Legends Status in real-time.

The results uploaded confirmed the Apex lineups that will be at the ALGS Split One Playoffs that will be held in L.A. between May 2 and 6.

The teams now confirmed for the 2024 ALGS Split One Playoffs include North America-based DarkZero, Moist Esports, TSM, Legacy (former Luminosity Gaming roster), Disguised, Elev8Gaming, Spacestation Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, Complexity, Furia, Cloud9, and Oxygen Esports.

TSM style did not win a game until their Match Point victory in game five, and they managed to scale through on points-per-game.

In the regular split leaderboard, teams needed consistent performances in their Regional Finals to qualify for the Split One Playoffs in L.A. XSET struggled overall, and they ended in 13th place in their overall Split One run. OpTic also missed out on LAN is OpTic despite the impressive performances during the Year Three Championship, but they were unable to get enough points to move beyond 14th.