Team Tyler1 defeats Team Yassuo to emerge Twitch Rivals League of Legends champions

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Team Tyler1 defeats Team Yassuo to emerge Twitch Rivals League of Legends champions

All the trash talk of who will become Twitch Rivals League of Legends champions was settled in this highly anticipated matchup between  Team Tyler1 and Team Yassuo.

 Team Tyler1 eventually got the bragging right after making their way through the eight-team bracket of Twitch Rivals League of Legends Draft Showdown Four to the final and beat Team Yassuo to the title.

The final for the series went back and forth as the champions took the first game, which was a recovery from their second game loss. They then closed out the series with a dominant performance to emerge winners.

Enroute to being champions, Team Tyler1 initiated a teamfight, and Dun secured a quadra kill on Twisted Fate, ending the chances of Team Yassuo in the series.

The champions became the finalist after defeating Team Lohpally, while Team Yassuo brushed past Team TFBlade 2-0 in their semifinal clash.

The series had its behind-the-scenes theatrics. One of the many pre-series comments was from Yassuo, who claimed Tyler often doesn’t achieve the Challenger rank in solo queue. Responding to his claim, Tyler listed such a feat while playing the ADC role and jungle, and he was trying to hit Challenger as a top lane player.

But when it comes to what matters most, which was the series, Tyler1 had the last laugh as he allowed his game to do the talking.

Team Tyler1 has now won $25,000 for becoming the champions Team Yassuo earned $15,000.

In another development, Solo queue legend Dopa will be enlisting in the military. This is due to his native Korea’s military law.

A brief translation revealed this on Reddit, which further revealed that this would be Dopa’s final season.

Dopa is regarded as the greatest solo queue player of all-time despite never setting foot in the professional circuit.

He had an experience in an ill-fated qualification match, which led to his ban for 1,000 years. The Solo queue legend has used different accounts to hit rank one on various servers.

He is currently ranked 19th on the Korean server, as revealed by League statistics website

Following his 90-percent win rate over his past 20 games, he recorded over 1,200 LP.