2017 NA LCS Spring April Update
League of Legends

2017 NA LCS Spring March Update

April 3, 2017 Admin Dafaesports

The playoffs beckon in April after the North American League of Legends LCS Spring Split round robin phase was completed this week, so let’s take a look at the current state of play.     […]

2017 LPL Spring April Update
League of Legends

2017 LPL Spring March Update

March 16, 2017 Admin Dafaesports

The cream has risen to the top in the Chinese region as the LPL Spring session has continued over the past couple of weeks. Royal Never Give Up and EDward Gaming were seeded as the […]

2017 LMS Spring Update
League of Legends

2017 LMS Spring March Update

March 3, 2017 Admin Dafaesports

Three clear frontrunners have emerged in the LMS Spring Series Split as teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao battle it out for a chance to reach the playoffs.   Flash Wolves dominate against Wayi […]

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