2017 NA LCS Spring April Update
League of Legends

2017 NA LCS Spring February Update

February 22, 2017 Jason Hutcheson

The 2017 Spring Split of the North American League of Legends Championship Series has been filled with inconsistency from top to bottom, giving fans a shocking result every week.     Two teams set the […]

2017 EU LCS Spring April Update

2017 EU LCS Spring February Update

February 15, 2017 Jason Hutcheson

The European region enters 2017 with an improved reputation in League of Legends as they and North America look to close the gap to the Chinese as the main challengers to the all-conquering Koreans. The […]

2017 LMS Spring Update
League of Legends

2017 LMS Spring February Update

February 13, 2017 Jason Hutcheson

The LMS Spring Split for League of Legends is under way, with teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao battling it out for the opportunity to go to the World Championships. ahq, eXtreme Gamers, Flash […]

League of Legends Patch 7.3

League of Legends Patch 7.3

February 8, 2017 Roland Quilente

TAME THE BEASTS If you listen very closely, you can hear the vengeful spirits rejoicing and celebrating with glee, as the beasts that wickedly put them in that hollow and sorrowful astral plane has been […]

2017 LCK Spring April Update

2017 LCK Spring February Update

February 7, 2017 Jason Hutcheson

The new season of League of Legends opens around the world with new rules and new teams, but one overriding constant; the Koreans are still the best in the world. Certainly Europe and North America […]

2017 LPL Spring April Update
League of Legends

2017 LPL Spring February Update

February 6, 2017 Jason Hutcheson

The latest season of Chinese League of Legends (LPL) is up and running, with some significant changes to the rules and the team compositions. Still considered the second-best region in the world behind Korea, China […]

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