S1mple and ropz list five things that need Valve’s attention in CS2 – eSports 

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Two of the greatest CS:GO pros of all time, S1mple and ropz, have called on Valve to fix a couple of things in the new CS2 after the duo discovered some things in the game that don’t sit right with them while playing it in their free time.

S1mple and ropz, who both feature for NAVI and FaZe Clan, respectively, expressed their opinions about CS2 in different interviews on Tuesday, September 12.

NAVI superstar s1mple identified three direct gameplay aspects, while ropz had two little changes he wishes to see before the worldwide release of CS2 this summer. S1mple mentioned that the weapon sound tweak by Valve makes it difficult to know which gun the opponent is using, making it one of the worst things about the CS2 currently.

S1mple mentioned this alongside the official matchmaking servers that Valve provided, which he said were inferior to FACE IT servers.

S1mple said, about the weapon sound: “Sometimes it sounds like a Desert Eagle, but it was an AWP,” before going on to rate the matchmaking servers: “It’s because you have 128 tick-rate [on FACEIT] or 120 tick-rate, I don’t know. In CS2 [servers], it’s like you’re playing on 20 tick-rate.”

He ended his assessment by saying that the movement feels worse in CS2 in comparison to CS:GO, even though Valve had promised to work on the issue.

Meanwhile, FaZe’s ropz, who is also known as Mr. Counter-Strike, aired his opinion about the game and what should be changed in the game. He mentioned that the new load-outs are a good change that should have been introduced earlier. However, the Estonian pointed out that Valve should tweak the CS2 skyboxes.

“I think it should have been way earlier in CS:GO, but it’s nice to have in CS2 mainly because of the two M4s, which you can now choose from. I think [the lack of skyboxes] will be a bit OP right now,” ropz said.

Daniel Ademiju Idowu