Riot releases League of Legends 2020 cinematic, “Warriors”

Riot releases League of Legends 2020 cinematic, Warriors
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The League of Legends 2020 season will be starting with a bang, and game developers, Riot Games on Thursday, posted a rendition of Imagine Dragons’ 2014 song “Warriors.”

It was completed with a visual feast of a cinematic and featuring composer 2WEI and singer Edda Hayes.

Recall that the long cinematic, which is a three-minute work, was published a day before the release of League season 10. It includes familiar faces from the Runeterra universe, with appearances from an armor-clad Garen, a nimble and quick-footed Kai’Sa, Urgot, and a giant Galio.

This time around, the popular song initially performed at the World’s 2014 finals in Seoul, South Korea, has his cover taking a slower and more melancholic feel. The choruses are harmonious rather than the hard-hitting pop-rock of Imagine Dragons.

The heroes and villains of League clash in a brawl of epic proportions as the song plays out in what looks like an all-out and bloody war. Although both sides had casualties, the light comes out on top in the end.

Compared to previous cinematics, the visuals of the video and the details of the champions was on another level, particularly, the faces of the winners, their expressions, and their movement look more realistic. It has paved the way for the League animated series, Arcane, which will be released later this year.

Intending to expand its universe, Riot had a teaser video on Wednesday, which is just one of many new arrivals to League this month.

Meanwhile, the game developer has included an extensive set of buffs in for chain-wielding mid lane champion, Sylas in League of Legends Patch 10.1.

Despite the addition, Lead game designer Mark Yetter said it is still not enough.

H detailed the “Sylas changes in 10.1 undershot via a series of tweets on his Twitter handle. He said the hotfix is focusing on the champion’s sustained base damage for bruiser builds.

Initially, the modification was to shift Sylas’s mechanics to give him more weaknesses at high elos while still making him a viable champion for the majority of players.

This adjustment means that he won’t longer have the lane control he once previously had, but they intended to make his damage, tankiness, and cooldowns scale much better in the later game.

However, the changes intended for Sylas appeared to have backfired.

Sylas has now fallen short of his mark, and it has not to turn into a late-game scaling menace as intended.

He now lacks the damage and sustainability to make an impact in the game. In a bid to counter his irrelevance in solo queue, Riot has now pushed him back up the ladders, away from his devastating 43 percent win rate in platinum and above, by increasing the primary damage on his Petricite Burst (Passive) and increased his attack speed while active.

The change also appeared to have backfired as Rot has also buffed the damage on Chain Lash (Q) and reduced the damage on Kingslayer (W).

These changes are expected to strengthen the champion and put him in a better place, but with overkill, it is game over.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed