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The Americas and the Asia-Pacific regions have taken over the European region for the next Major at the ongoing CS2 Major at PGL Copenhagen. The first CS 2 Major at PGL Copenhagen has seen the slots available to European teams at the next Major.

Three rosters are from Brazil and all three made the elimination stage with paiN, Imperial, and FURIA all joining the MongolZ from Mongolia in the Elimination Stage of the PGL Copenhagen Major with the regional slots meant for distribution for the next CS2 Major shifting dramatically.

Americas has three default slots, and when the elimination stage is added, then the number will be increased to seven teams for the Perfect World Major in Shanghai later this year.

Complexity’s direct qualification for the Elimination Stage via the RMR, three previously mentioned Brazilian teams (paiN, Imperial, and FURIA) advancing through the Opening Stage raised the slot for Americas to seven in addition to the three default Americas slots.

The Asia-Pacific region got one additional third slot to their default two, thanks to the MongolZ qualifying for the Opening Stage. The Asia-Pacific region will cherish the extra spot at the next Major.

It is the first time that the Asia-Pacific will send more than two teams to a Major since the inception of the Regional Major Rankings system, with the exception being 2019 when StarLadder became the third team from the Asia-Pacific region featuring in a single major in Berlin 2019. 

However, the Seven Teams is set to be the most Americas has had at a Major since the RMR inception, more than the region has ever sent to a Major since MLG Columbus in 2016.

The new slots assigned to Americas and Asia-Pacific means the number of European teams at the next Major will drop to 14 with the three default slots, the seven teams that directly qualified for the Elimination Stage through RMRs, and four teams from the Opening Stage.