Leviatán assembles squad for Dota 2 – eSports 

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Argentinian organization Leviatan has entered the South American Dota 2 scene by picking up a Dota 2 squad to challenge in the sleeping region for 2024.

The organization has picked up a Dota 2 squad that has players like Kpii and Taiga, who recently retired from Dota 2 in pursuit of a streaming career. As many retirements in the pro scene have been, Taiga’s retirement was short-lived, although fans may have expected a return to playing, and it may not be as soon as the ex-OG star has done.

Taiga and Kpii are joined by Sammyboy and Stinger on the new Leviatan, making the roster a full international roster, although there’s still one more vacant slot to be filled on the roster.

South American teams in 2024 have not been consistent when making major roster changes and shuffles after major tournaments. Meanwhile, reports also say that Stormstormer could slot in the mid-lane in Dota 2 for Leviatan.

Leviatan will be hoping to go toe to toe with some of the biggest teams in SA, especially as Heroic, has failed to step on the global scale so far. The appearance of Leviatán in the South American scene could make the competition more fierce.

South American region lost the majority of its momentum at the beginning of 2023, going into a decline, and this led to players and talents moving across regions, leading to a shrink in the region’s player pool. 

Meanwhile, it is hoped that with the injection of up to eight events worth around $1 million and, in addition to the ESL events, Dota 2 may become more interesting, and teams may get the opportunity of more opportunities for SA teams.

It’s exciting to see what the SA scene will be like deeper into 2024, and the current structure of the SA scene could provide new representatives at events.