LEC Spring 2019 Week 5 preview

LEC Spring Week 5 preview
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G2 Esports have a two-game cushion atop the League of Legends European Championship Spring-season standings heading into week five when they will face another difficult set of matches. 

G2 claimed another clean sweep last week, absolutely wiping the floor with Fnatic despite their opponents looking for revenge after G2 acquired Caps during the off-season.

Upcoming for G2 are a Misfits squad desperate for a return to winning ways after dropping both matches last week, as well as an Origen side brimming with momentum after a perfect 2-0 week.

G2 remain the same powerhouse many expected at the start of the year, with the entire team stepping up to the plate and making this project a well-oiled machine. With every team in the league looking to be the first to take down the goliath that is G2, it will become more and more difficult for this squad to maintain their pristine record.

Still, Dafabet expect it remain intact for another week at least with G2 hot favourites to secure two more wins. They are 1.295 to beat Misfits (3.620) and 1.219 to see off Origen (4.390).

Origen impressing

The aforementioned Origen leapt into the play-off picture by taking down Rogue and, more impressively, FC Schalke 04 last week.

Origen have continued to heavily lean on Mid-laner Nukeduck, giving him as many resources as possible, including selecting him a fairly risky champion in Yasuo, who does have the ability to single-handedly win the game if given enough space to operate.

Bottom-laner Patrik had a nice week on both Draven and Kalista and overall Origen are looking more well-rounded and co-ordinated.

They need to make sure they do not overlook a feisty Excel Esports, who are 2.990 for the upset, as they prepare to face G2.

One to watch will be Kold, a player who generally plays his own comfort picks and looks to facilitate the star players within the lanes more than create advantages for himself coming from the Jungle.

Splyce look nice

Perhaps the team best suited to a solid showing in week five are Splyce, who follow up a 2-0 week by facing off against two of the bottom three teams in Fnatic and Excel. Not surprisingly, they are odds-on to win both.

Splyce still do not exactly blow the competition away on paper, boasting a solid group of players who generally lack breakout star power. But the team have been able to thrive thus far in the Spring split, making solid comebacks from deficits at various times last week.

Humanoid is slowly coming into his own, and players such as Xerxe and Kobbe bring out their own speciality picks from time to time and can throw a wrench into opposition plans.

The diversity and versatility within this line-up, coupled with the excellent co-ordination late in the game, makes them a dangerous squad moving forward.

Schalke-Vitality showdown

After a disappointing 1-1 showing last week, FC Schalke 04 have a chance to immediately bounce back when they take on the winless Rogue (they are just 1.210 to win that one).

After that bout they square off against Team Vitality in what looks one of the best match-ups of the week. The odds have it as the most competitive with Schalke slight favourites at 1.847. Vitality are offered at 1.970.

Support IgNar is relishing the freedom he has in Europe, compared to Korea. He can routinely pick up playmakers and have the team somewhat work around him. Alongside him is Upset, who Schalke have often turned to, and with good reason given his status as one of the best Bottom-laners in the region so far in 2019.

The top side of the map is still a work in progress in terms of overall consistency and co-ordination, but a quality performance this week could go a long way in their attempt to secure a top-two seeding for the forthcoming play-offs.

Halfway there

Coming into the mid-point of the LEC Spring season, the 10 teams appear to have shaken off the cobwebs and their true ability is shining through.

Until further notice G2 are the team everyone will take shots at, but Schalke 04 and Vitality should not be overlooked.