LCK Summer Split: Gen.G defeats Afreeca Freecs

LCK Summer Split Gen.G defeats Afreeca Freecs
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Gen.G has moved up the ladder in the LCK Summer Split after recording a convincing win over  Afreeca Freecs.

Through the commanding victory in the fifth week of the 2020 LCK Summer Split, Gen .G will be high on confidence ahead of their next meeting on Saturday against t1LoL. All thanks to the ADC Ruler. In both first and second game, he picked up both player of the game awards in the series after displaying outstanding performances on Varus and Ashe.

Gen.G. Rascal’s aggressive plays in the first game were absolute in the top lane on Sylas, allowing his jungler, Clid, to roam freely around the map and help other lanes.

Gen.G only relinquished one Rift Herald to the Afreeca Freecs squad while it secured most neutral objectives in the League of Legends game. This left Varus open and while Kalista pick seemed to be an oversight by AFS.  Varus had destroyed everything in sight when he was ahead early on.

A hilarious bug occurred in the second game during the draft, with Nautilus transforming into Zoe for a couple of seconds. This left everyone confused about the broadcast.

 The bug was later fixed after the players swapped their champions again, returning the draft to normal.

With an overall superior draft, Gen.G has a clear win condition, and AFS chose picks that failed them.

In the second game, Gen.G continued its aggressive pattern with Clid, and they went into an early lead as their main focus was on the bottom lane to snowball Ruler.

They later started taking drake, and AFS was helpless after securing a lead in the bottom lane.

With the third dragon being an Ocean Drake, AFS was on the clock, with a need to ensure a win over Gen.G before getting to the Ocean Soul. Due to the present situation, AFS put many resources into dragon fights and succeeded in picking up an Ocean Drake. This was, however, not enough to stop Gen.G from winning the series.

Gen.G rounded up the series after winning some decisive fights and two Barons. With this, they secured the clean sweep over AFS.

With 14th series win and four losses, Gen.G has had a great Spring Split, and they’ve dominated their competition this year. It’s only T1 that has beaten them in both clashes this season.

The team is now occupying the second spot in the LCK Summer Split at 7-2 behind DragonX, who are 7-1 so far.