2020 LCK Summer Split: T1 defeats KT Rolster to win latest Telecom War – ESports

2020 LCK Summer Split T1 defeats KT Rolster to win latest Telecom War
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Canna has continued his impressive performance for T1 after helping them defeat KT Rolster in an intense two-game series in the 2020 LCK Summer Split on Thursday.

Canna, a top laner for T1 alongside support Effort, won the Player of the Game awards for their performances on Jayce and Blitzcrank.

Although T1 was favourite heading towards the match, their recent loss to Team Dynamics, a rookie outfit gave some fans doubt about their chances of winning the Telecom War.

In the first game, which was an absolute masterclass performance from the winners, KT prioritized picking Volibear over Varus, which backfired. With a Kog’Maw, they tried countering T1, who went for Varus, but the pick couldn’t scale well to reach his power spikes.

Although Cuzz showed his mettle on Olaf, making him be a contender for the game’s MVP award, he was beaten to the prize by Effort for his Blitzcrank play. Effort’s hooks were massive as it secured huge leads for T1 to win the first game.

In the second game, both teams had a roller-coaster moment, with the early game being a disaster for T1. Cuzz’s failure to dive in the mid lane was their undoing.  With a clear intention, his execution was lackluster, making KT gain a small lead in the early game.

Although they were close to winning and restoring parity, after taking down all of T1’s inhibitors, KT planned to push to end the game, but was unsuccessful after a huge reactive play from T1, with Teddy’s Aphelios keeping them in the match.

T1 eventually took an inhibitor from KT after gaining a small lead. They picked up the Infernal Dragon Soul later, which helped them secure a clear path toward their comeback.

KT ended on the losing side after trying to withstand T1’s wrath, with the item difference being insignificant after losing the last teamfight.