LCK Summer 2019, Week 2 preview

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The League of Legends European Championship is entering the second week of its Summer split with the big guns already having moved towards the top of the standings.

One of the two undefeated teams after the opening week are G2 Esports, who are still flying high following their victory at the Mid-Season Invitational.

At times it even appeared that G2 Esports were taking a more relaxed approach, clearly dominating their opponents despite solid opposition in the shape of Splyce and Origen – both play-off teams in the Spring split.

With Mikyx in the line-up, G2 look a well-oiled machine, with their talent and co-ordination being rivalled by few teams in the world.

G2 have an interesting schedule in week two, facing off against SK Gaming and a Team Vitality line-up desperate for a quick turnaround after their poor opener. For each game, they are less than 1.200, so they are clearly expected to stay unbeaten.

Keep in mind this is only Perkz’s second split in the Bottom-lane role and he will be continue to look to improve in the coming weeks.

Fnatic also hot

The other team to emerge with a clean record from week one were Fnatic, who have incredibly-high expectations.

Fnatic were exceptionally hot when closing out the Spring split and they are continuing that momentum thus far, defeating reasonable competition in SK Gaming and Misfits.

Nemesis has a full split under his belt now and Fnatic are coming out with purpose in reclaiming their throne that G2 seized some time ago.

Broxah has had freedom to pick the likes of Elise and Lee Sin within the Jungle, placing him into a comfort zone that allows him to dominate the competition.

Likewise with Bwipo finding time on Gnar and Jax, Fnatic have thus far invested heavily in comfort champions towards the Top side of the map, while looking for power picks within the Mid and Bottom side.

Rekkles has had up and downs throughout his career and his play on a week-to-week basis could determine Fnatic’s overall form.

Fnatic face both Origen and FC Schalke 04 this week before the most anticipated match-up of the first half of the split arrives in week three when they battle G2 Esports.

The odds suggest this week’s matches will be close with Fnatic 1.862 to beat Origen (1.961) and 1.546 to see off Schalke (2.490).

Concern for Team Vitality

After dropping both of their opening matches – to Origen and Splyce – Team Vitality will be focused on bouncing back when they face off against Rogue and G2 this week.

Vitality are essentially flying under the radar after their 0-2 week, with their losses coming in close fashion against top-half teams.

Vitality picked Jayce for Cabochard twice but that tactic was unable to lead to victories and it could lead to a switch up sooner rather than later in terms of champion priority.

Vitality have also been one of the teams most willing to play oddball selections, but they appeared to be more conservative in their first two matches, something which could change this week.

Vitality have two players considered among the best in their role in Cabochard and Jiizuke and getting them rolling in the right direction will be the first step in their attempted turnaround.

While their next opponents, Rogue, are sitting at 1-1 and have definitely improved from the Spring split, do keep in mind that Rogue’s victory was over Excel, who sit alongside Vitality on an 0-2 mark.

It’s therefore no great surprise to see them as slight favourites (1.757) to beat Rogue.

Do not count out this squad against G2 Esports either. Odds of 4.990 will certainly tempt some.