Korean T1 criticizes League of Legend

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T1 brand fans have found a way of using a truck to carry messages opposing the League of Legend.

The criticism is based on several controversial rumors regarding the organization’s team.

Through a truck with a large monitor on the back, the fans passed their message. They expressed their grievances driving the truck, which displayed several messages from T1 fans through Seoul, South Korea.

Their goal was to ensure the majority shareholder f the organization, SK Telecom, see the message and act.

The inscriptions of the messages translated from Korean include “No future for a team shutting out devoted fans,” and “SKT T1 fans demand clear and detailed explanation from top management.”

According to the fans, T1 has turned players, including the greatest League player of all time, Faker, into “cash cow,.” This is following the players’ exposure in question to lengthy amounts of filming and excessive promotional campaigns.

They later parked outside of SKT’s headquarters after driving around downtown Seoul. This might be a new form of protest against the organization, but the anger felt toward T1 by a minority of the fanbase has been expressed some weeks now.

T1 has been facing immense criticism from their fans over their disappointing season in the LCK Summer Split. The squad underperformed at the tournament.

It was gathered that the rumour further fuelled the protest that the organization was planning to hire LCK color commentator and Western analyst LS as the coach of T1 for the upcoming season. He is also rumoured to work alongside former StarCraft 2 legend Polt.

According to the fans, LS and Polt didn’t have the requisite experience to coach T1.

In response to the aggrieved fans, T1 via Twitter reassured them that they are working hard to implement a coaching structure to position the team to win and bring home a 2021 World Championship.

 Written by Oladipupo Mojeed