IG back to second seed in LPL after quick stomp of OMG

IG back to second seed in LPL after quick stomp of OMG
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Invictus Gaming has returned to winning ways in the few weeks with a quick stomp against OMG in the LPL.

The win automatically catapulted them back to second. Their previous winning streak was ended by eStar that is currently topping the LPL standings.

In the game which Rookie got his first pentakill, the former League of Legends world champions showed their mettle again by coming from behind quickly to secure the win.

With this type of win, it is not a surprise for many pundits as IG is used to losing the early games and later emerge winner after turning the games around.

In their decisive victory against OMG, IG fell behind after TheShy misplayed the top lane on a number of occasions. After being behind and losing that side of the map because TheShy was getting bullied, IG came back into the game through constant pressure from mid laner Rookie. This gave his jungler the chance to roam freely on the map with an aggressive attack on the enemy jungle.

IG, therefore, came back into the game through its coordinated efforts. This allows them to secure more towers and later obtained a bigger gold advantage.

Although OMG didn’t lose without a fight as IG was pushing their base while they tackled the dragons. They didn’t suffer much during this fight as the dragons are not contributing a significant part to their game, especially in teamfights.

With the decisive teamfight close to the top tower, Rookie picked up a pentakill with his Neeko and the game was ended by IG.

IG didn’t put much atention on the top plane in the second game as they were on the red side. But there was a time for the top lane pick when they counterpicked OMG at the end of the game.

After getting bullied in the first game, TheShy used Aatrox to counter OMG’s Ornn. This led to a déjà vu moment where TheShy was feeding in the top lane. Around the map, during this process, his mid and bottom lane were securing objectives.

IG outplayed OMG in all front as although TheShy was trying to throw the game. As they were unable to secure dragons unlike the first game this time around, they succeeded in taking just one objective in the entire game, paving the way for another win for IG.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed