How to bet on Dota2: A beginner’s guide

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Getting into Dota2 takes a bit of easing into; with 110 heroes to pick from this aspect alone is challenging. However we’re sure you’ll agree that once you get the hang of the game it’s easy (ish). Betting on Dota2 is the same but given it’s still quite a new concept we’re here with some helpful hints and tips to get you add started.

Know the teams

Whilst eSports doesn’t have separate leagues for professionals and amateurs, it’s typically the professional teams that battle it out in the international events.  Before you place a bet on an event, make sure you know the background to the teams playing.

The following teams are the professional teams on the circuit. What makes them professional? They’ve been invited to at least one major event, they have salaried players and they have at least one corporate sponsor.

Name Created Country
Can’t Say Wips 2015 Australia
40pxpx Team Immunity 2014 Australia
Rex Regum 2013 Indonesia
Execration 2014 Philippines
Mineksi Unknown Philippines
Invasion e-Sports 2011 Malaysia
Fnatic 2015 Malaysia
Redemption 2015 Malaysia
5EVA 2015 Singapore
First Departure 2014 Singapore
Signature Trust 2015 Thailand
MVP Phoenix 2013 South Korea
MVP HOT 6ix 2013 South Korea
CDEC Gaming 2014 China
EHOME 2015 China
Hyper Glory Team 2014 China
Invictus Gaming 2011 China
LGD Gaming 2012 China
Newbee 2014 China
Team DK 2014 China
TongFu Unknown China
Vici Gaming 2012 China
Arcade.Power Rangers 2015 Belarus 2014 Kazakhstan
HellRaisers 2014 Russia
Moscow Five 2014 Russia
Team Empire 2011 Russia
Vega Squadron 2014 Russia 2012 Russia
Yellow. Submarine 2014 Russia
Elysium Gaming 2014 Russia
sQreen’s Squad 2015 Russia
aSpera 2014 Russia
Natus Vincere 2010 Russia
4 Clover and Lepricon 2015 EU
Balkan Bears 2015 EU
Kaipi 2015 EU
Team Secret 2015 EU
Monkey Business 2015 EU
4 Anchors + SC 2014 Finland
Alliance 2013 Sweden
Lemondogs 2015 Sweden
Ninjas in Pyjamas 2015 Sweden
mYinsanity 2014 Serbia
paiN Gaming 2014 Brazil
CNB eSports Club 2014 Brazil
Not Today 2015 Peru
Union Gaming Unknown Peru
Unknown.xiu Unknown Peru
Boreal eSports 2015 Canada
Evil Geniuses 2011 America
Team Fire 2015 America
Root Gaming Unknown America
Team Archon 2015 America
compLexity Gaming 2014 America
Digital Chaos 2015 America
Cloud9 2015 America



Follow the teams

All of the professional teams have strong social media presence so make sure you follow them to find out about roster changes, new players, what tournaments they’re taking part in and their current form. This information will be important when making decisions on which team to bet on.

Know the schedule

The International is without a doubt the biggest Dota2 event of the year. With prize money rising to $18M for the 2015 tournament – the largest eSports prize pool to date – the competition is a big deal. The International takes place in July or August each year and to date has been held in Cologne, Germany and Seattle, USA. Teams from all over the world compete and it’s the one every team wants to be at.

In addition to The International there are tons of other events to follow, including ESL One New York (October 3 and 4), the MLG Final, (October 16, 17 and 18) and The Summit 4 (Dec 9 to 13).

Check out our schedule of matches that Dafabet is offering odds on and follow Dafa eSports to get up to the minute announcements of when live odds are launched.

Check the predictions

Read up on the predictions for matches from a variety of sources then make up your own mind on who you want to place a bet on. Dafa eSports is committed to providing unbiased predictions for key Dota2 tournaments; however that doesn’t mean to say you can’t look further afield. We recommend Reddit if you want to get predictions from the eSports community.

Understand betting terminology

The good thing about eSports betting is that the way you can bet on matches is simple. Through Dafabet you can bet on an ‘outright winner’ which means you only need to decide which team you think is going to win the tournament.

Given that eSports tournaments are relatively short the good news is that you won’t have to wait a long time for your bet to be settled. By comparison if you were betting on a basketball or football league and you place a bet at the beginning of the season it’s long time until you can expect to see any winnings.

Aside from ‘outright winner’, there are a few other terms that you’ll need to know when placing bets on eSports events:

Bet To risk something in the outcome of an event
Bookie Short for Sportsbook, this is the person/company that accepts bets
Even Money A wager when there is no juice. The bets are 1/1 or +100
Exotic Any wager other than a straight bet
Favorite The team that is expected to win an event
Future (bet) Odds are posted in advance of an event
Getting Value Getting the best odds on the betting line
Hedging Betting strategy that involves betting on both sides to minimize losses or guarantee a minimum amount of winnings
Limit The cap on the betting amount of an event
Line Current betting odds on a particular event. Lines are updated in real time.
Longshot A sporting team that is unlikely to win
Odds The likelihood of the betting outcome expressed in odds
Off The Board When a betting line is taken down and a bookmaker is no longer accepting bets
Opening Line The first betting line posted for a sporting event
Outright Winner A bet placed on the outcome of an entire league or competition rather than an individual match
Reverse bet Two IF bets placed by you
Risk Wager amount or the amount bet on a game
Round Robin Convenient way to place multiple parlays quickly
Sharp A professional or experienced better
Sides The two teams playing the event
Single A bet placed on one outcome
Steam When a betting line moves rapidly and needs to be re-posted because a mass of bettors are drawn to it
Stake /Wager The amount of a bet
Straight Bet Wager on a single event


Register for a betting site

When you’re up to date with the current professional teams, you know when they are playing and you know how to bet it’s time to set up an account with a reputable betting site and place your first bet. We recommend that you pick one that is safe and secure, offers multiple payment methods for placing bets and operates with your own currency.

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