How to bet on League of Legends: A beginner’s guide

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League of Legends (LoL) has over 70 million players per month; it’s the most played eSports game in the world. To put it into context that would be like everyone in Thailand or the UK each playing LoL every month.

LoL is well known around the world for its competitive scene. The most prolific event is the World Championship which takes place annually. This year the final is being held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, on October 31. Teams in Berlin will be fighting it out for the $1,000,000 first prize and all teams in the championships will get a shot at the $2,130,000 prize pool.

Teams competing in the final will have to fight off opponents in the Group Stage, Quarterfinals and Semifinals which are taking place throughout October in Paris, London and Brussels respectively.

As competition hots up and we look forward to the finals it’s fitting to provide some information on how to place a bet on the upcoming tournament.

Get to know the teams

Before you place a bet read as much as you can about the teams to check their form, get to know the players and understand what their strengths are. Watch some of their previous matches to see how they play and then think how they will fare against each other given the draw. If you’re into LoL you’re into strategy so we know you know what to do.

The groups for the Group Stage are as follows:

Group A
paiN Gaming
KOO Tigers
Flash Wolves
Counter Logic Gaming


Group B
ahq e-Sports Club
Invictus Gaming


Group C
Bangkok Titans
Edward Gaming
SK Telecom T1



Group D
Team SoloMid
KT Rolster
LGD Gaming


Keep up to date with teams

Follow the championship teams on social media for up to the minute information on their preparation and any changes that may impact your betting choices. Longer term it’s good to follow individual players and even the coaches and team managers, as changes to a team’s roster can have a big impact on their success. Things move fast in eSports so don’t leave it too long in between reading up on the professional teams and keep your eye out for amateurs who are about to make it big. The next star is often moments from the limelight.

Know when the main LoL events are

Okay, so the World’s only come round once a year, but there are plenty of other high profile LoL events throughout the year. Whilst not quite so prestigious these events still keep fans on the edge of their seats following the players every move. They’re fun, fast and full of famous players.

The 2015 All-Star Event (ASE) takes place in L.A from the 10-13 December. With a theatre-in-the-round layout the NA LCS Studio will accommodate more fans than ever before. The excitement of professional eSports is personified as fans will be voting for their top five players to represent regional ‘dream teams’. Teams from NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, LMS AND IWC’s will be categorized into Team Fire or Team Ice depending on their performance at the Worlds. Global voting opens in November – we can’t wait!

Additional tournaments can be tracked on our LoL schedule.

Understand common betting terminology

eSports betting is still in it’s infancy, therefore the type of bets available are straightforward. This is good news for anyone new to eSports betting. Essentially most Sportsbook are offering outright winner bets only, which means betters only need to pick one team that they think will win the entire tournament.

In comparison to other sports, eSports tournaments and leagues are fairly short which means that if your team wins you won’t have to wait long to receive your winnings.  Bonus!

We’ve compiled this handy list of common betting terms to help guide you through your first eSports bet:

Bet To risk something in the outcome of an event
Bookie Short for Sportsbook, this is the person/company that accepts bets
Even Money A wager when there is no juice. The bets are 1/1 or +100
Exotic Any wager other than a straight bet
Favorite The team that is expected to win an event
Future (bet) Odds are posted in advance of an event
Getting Value Getting the best odds on the betting line
Hedging Betting strategy that involves betting on both sides to minimize losses or guarantee a minimum amount of winnings
Limit The cap on the betting amount of an event
Line Current betting odds on a particular event. Lines are updated in real time.
Longshot A sporting team that is unlikely to win
Odds The likelihood of the betting outcome expressed in odds
Off The Board When a betting line is taken down and a bookmaker is no longer accepting bets
Opening Line The first betting line posted for a sporting event
Outright Winner A bet placed on the outcome of an entire league or competition rather than an individual match
Reverse bet Two IF bets placed by you
Risk Wager amount or the amount bet on a game
Round Robin Convenient way to place multiple parlays quickly
Sharp A professional or experienced better
Sides The two teams playing the event
Single A bet placed on one outcome
Steam When a betting line moves rapidly and needs to be re-posted because a mass of bettors are drawn to it
Stake /Wager The amount of a bet
Straight Bet Wager on a single event


Register and place a bet

Once you’ve read up on everything you can about the teams taking part in The World Championships and you have a good idea – or maybe a gut feeling – of who is going to win you’re ready to place a bet. It’s important to register with an official betting provider and one that provides a safe and secure way to bet. Dafabet, is a fully regulated and trusted online betting site, that provides all of these benefits.

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