How to bet on a CS:GO match: A beginner’s guide

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Betting is intrinsic to the CS:GO community with many fans already gambling in-game weapons known as skins. Skins are weapons with different colors and textures that are used by players to tactically put their opponents off. They make the game more interesting, right.

Skins were introduced in August 2013 and it wasn’t long before entrepreneurial players developed their own trading market.  It’s even been reported that some budding eSports entrepreneurs are making $12,000 a day buying and selling guns.

But what about betting for real money through a Sportsbook or dedicated eSports betting provider? Surely fans want to get into that?

Betting on CS:GO through an authorized site such as Dafabet is a safe, secure and fully regulated way for fans to engage with the game.

With eSports betting in its advent we’re here to provide some basic tips on how to get started and place your first bet, for real money.

Know the competition scene

CS:GO is coming into its own as a competitive eSport and is undoubtedly catching up with its counterparts: Dota 2 and Lol. CS:GO may have a decade on Dota 2 and LoL – they started running competitions way before they were even initiated –but the grassroots approach to the community has prevented it from having the profile of its rivals.

Historically CS:GO events happened sporadically with no real league keeping the teams and fans on track. However, that’s all changed and it just keeps getting better.

The ESL ESEA Pro League is one of the biggest tournaments of the year with European and North American teams battling it out for a share of the $250,000 prize pool. The competition kicks off on September 15 and culminates on November 17 in Cologne, Germany.

The CS: GO World Championships started on May 18 with the final due to take place on October 8-11 in Belgrade, Serbia. Over 1,000 players from 79 teams were present at the start of the tournament but only 16 teams will go through to the Global Finals. 8 of the slots will go to European nations, 3 to Asian nations, 2 to North American nations and Africa, Oceania and South America will all have 1 team present.

Another big event this year is the DreamHack Cluj-Napoca which sees teams from Asia, Europe and North America battle it out through a series of pre-qualifiers, closed qualifiers and group stages to reach the final. The final takes place Oct 30 –Nov 1 in Sala Polivalnta, Romania.

The prize pool of the event is $250,000 and teams will play almost entirely on the main stage of the area throughout the final.

Whilst most of the CS: GO tournaments take place in Europe or North America, there are plenty of events that will have lines on them for Asian fans.

Know the teams

There are 277 professional teams in the current rankings. Fnatic top the table with Virtus.Pro.CS taking second place and Team EnVyUs in third. Europe and U.S.A dominate the top rankings; however the Brazilian team, Luminosity Gaming, is sitting at 16. The highest ranked Asian team is Skyred from Vietnam.

In order to prepare for your first bet make sure you know as much as you can about the teams playing. Keep an eye on their rankings and their win rate. Also, watch recent matches that they’ve played and study their strategy and tactics.

Know the players               

The players that make up CS:GO teams change – as you would expect from any other sports team – however the changes can be fast paced. Keep up to date with roster changes as this will have an impact on team’s performance.

Know the betting terms 

Dafabet currently offers outright winner bets; this means that you only need to select which team you think will win the tournament to place a bet. You will also need to be familiar with the odds. For outright winner bets you will see one price multiply the stake you are betting by this number and that is how much you could potentially win.

Time to register and place a bet

Once you’ve identified a major tournament you want to bet on, studied the teams and picked the one you think is going to win you’re ready to register and place a bet. We recommend registering with a recognized betting provider that offers a safe and secure way to bet. Dafabet, as one of the world’s most trusted online betting sites, that provides egaming to all of its customers.

Register for Dafabet today to start placing bets on the most exciting CS: GO tournaments of the year.