Faker asserts dominance in League solo queue with Lucian

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Faker has continued to assert his dominance in the solo queue after the Unkillable Demon King used Lucian to outplay three opponents on Twitch broadcast.

Despite his absence from the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, Faker during the broadcast bobbed and weaved his way to a double kill.

During the enemy, Maokai, Pyke, and Ashe were closing in to surround the T1 mid laner, leaving Faker with an option for a  way out of this bind. To achiever, this Faker had just one option, which was to fight his way through his opponents, and he did just that.

He was successful after launching Ardent Blaze (W) at Ashe and flashed into her. This helped him close the gap as he hit a quick double auto. T

While trying to hit Faker with a Q and E to stun lock him, the enemy Pyke revealed himself, Faker, with amazing hindsight, then dashed out of the way to finished off Ashe.

After downing Ashe, he then went for Pyke, cutting his damage by using Exhaust on him despite being knocked up with Maokai rooting.

He eventually succeeded in dispossessing Pyke with ease. On seeing the battle was lost,  Maokai tried to run to safety, but Faker caught up with him eventually along with the ally Ekko to cut down the tree.

Unfortunately, Faker lost the match with a team-high ten kills despite his impressive outplay.

Still in the League of Legend, LEC caster Medic has ended his relationship with Riot after his contract officially ended.

Medi has found his feet and became a mainstay of the LEC broadcast he joined in the latter half of 2017.

Although the broadcast talent would like to continue with Riot, they are yet to sit and negotiate a new contract with him.

Esports fans will have to wait to see the faces of those making the commentary ahead of the 2021 season.

Written by Oladipupo Mojeed