Doublelift to join Bjergsen at 100 Thieves in 2023 for LCS

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Doublelift and Bjergsen have both played together on the international scene for a long time and even paired up on two different occasions at TSM in 2016 and 2020.

Since 2020, Doublelift quit from professional League of Legends but may make a return three years after with reports stating he’s close to joining 100 Thieves.

It’s a combo that will excite 100T fans, especially as it is a texted and trusted combo of players. Meanwhile, the last time Doublelift played, he ended up winning his eighth domestic championship.

The AD carrier will reunite with the Mid-Laner from the 2020 TSM team, who also retired weeks after Doublelift announced his retirement. This was after a woeful 2020 at the 2020 League World Championship for TSM.

Meanwhile, while Bjergsen has been active in the early parts of 2022, and he’s set for a third reunion with his former TSM teammate, their first combo which is not with TSM.

Beyond the two players, 100T is also making plans for the 2023 LCS, with Busio set to be promoted from a support player to the LCS level.

Busio is considered one of the next big players in the North American League and will get his chance to shine at the LCS at the beginning of the new season.

Doublelift is not a stranger to playing with rookies after he played with Biofrost at TSM in 2016.

Although all these deals are not officially confirmed by the 100T organization, there are reports that have an agreement in place with MAD Lions AD carry UNF0RGIVEN. There isn’t clarity about his role when he gets to 100T, UNF0RGIVEN could be deployed as an academy player or LCS player.

He could also serve as a backup to Doublelift in the 2023 LCS season.

Daniel Ademiju Idowu