Broxah could feature in North America League for another year

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Team Liquid’s starting jungler, Broxah, has hinted that he might be playing for another year in North America.

His comment is following Team Liquid’s elimination from the 2020 League of Legends World Championship last weekend.

This means that the time of the jungler might not be over yet in North America. Speaking in an interview with Travis Gafford, Broxah said he sees a world where he will play for an additional year in the region.

Speaking on his time in the LCS, Broxah said he enjoyed every bit of it, adding that Liquid embraced him as an organization over the past year.

The 23-year-old star player linked up with Liquid after leaving Fnatic last November. Fnatic had dropped out of Worlds 2019 in the quarterfinals against FunPlus Phoenix before he left the team.

Broxah, who has told his fans that he is still around, wanted to make the region proud at Worlds this year.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t achieve his aims and objectives.

Therefore, he is determined to prove everyone wrong by helping an LCS team get out of the group stage. This is reportedly his major goal.

Liquid couldn’t make it out of the group stage at Worlds 2020, but the credits were given to them for putting up a valiant effort. They didn’t go down without a fight as they defeated G2 Esports and Suning during their group stage games.

Broxah further stated that Europe and North America’s gap isn’t that much as many people think. He added that it would be pretty close if compared to the top four teams in both regions.

He, however, stated that LEC has the edge over NA, looking at the teams from fifth and below.

Broxah, who also stated that he has never been scared by NA by any means, noted that he still has enough time to decide his future.

This will therefore keep most Liquid fans waiting. They will be hoping that he returns to the team for another shot at glory in 2021.

Written by Oladipupo Mojeed