League of Legends

League of the Underdogs – Part 1

October 11, 2015 Admin Dafaesports

(League of Legends – Cloud 9) The League of Legends Season 5 World Championship has arrived. With the group stage games for the League of Legends World Championship underway, it is safe to say that […]


New Dafa eSports Thai Ambassador

September 30, 2015 Admin Dafaesports

We’ve just signed a new Thai eSports Ambassador.  Known on the Thai eSports scene as “Munkaw”, she is a renowned online game DJ, game presenter and net idol. Plus she plays pretty well too; you […]


Fnatic: An Asian Powerhouse

September 29, 2015 Admin Dafaesports

Fnatic, as everyone knows, is a prestigious gaming organization that fields successful teams in various Esports disciplines, most notably League of Legends (LoL) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). In June 2015, the European-based organization […]


September 29, 2015 Admin Dafaesports

프나틱은 대부분의 팬들이 알다시피  여러 종목의 e스포츠, 특히 리그 오브 레전드 (롤)과 카운터 스트라이크 글로벌 오펜시브 (CS:GO)에서 두각을 보이는 프로 e스포츠 팀입니다. 주로 유럽 선수들로 구성되어 있지만 2015년에 말레이시아 선수들이 입단하여 동남아에서 큰 활약을 펼치고 […]

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