All-Star Las Vegas review

All Star Las Vegas Review
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The League of Legends All Star event in Las Vegas had a myriad of different competitions – individual and team – taking place, all with interesting wrinkles to their stories.

Europe beaten

The first event to take place was the match-up between the NALCS and the recently renamed and revamped LEC, formerly known as the EULCS, with each regional squad also having a pair of either retired pros or popular personalities.

The first surprise came with North America picking the latest champion to join the roster, selecting Neeko. The NALCS unsurprisingly ended up with two Marksman characters, given they had two players that fit that billing in Sneaky and Doublelift. However, they pulled a fast one and put the Lucian Top lane for Licorice and allowed Sneaky to play a Mage in LeBlanc.

In an incredibly bloody match, the North American team were able to come away with the victory after just over 24 minutes with a total of 58 kills between the two sides.

China dominate

The other rivalry match-up was between China’s LPL and South Korea’s LCK, and it produced some even wackier selections.

The LPL squad, in the same vein as the NALCS, first picked away the Neeko, but they instead put it in the Bottom lane for Uzi. For South Korea, not only did they pick up Karma Top lane, but they also went with Zac in the Middle lane, utilising smite as a summoner spell in order to have an influence within the Jungle for Faker.

The LPL dominated from early on, however, as they were able to cleanly take down the LCK in just under 23 minutes to continue China’s reign over League of Legends in 2018.

Caps takes home title

The 1v1 competition was perhaps the most surprising of them all given the eventual finalists. One half of the bracket was fairly straightforward, with the LEC’s Caps able to take down the likes of Maple and Uzi on his way to a place in the final. However, the other side of the bracket saw OPL representative Pabu not only take down Doublelift, but also defeat Faker and Rookie as he set up his duel with Caps.

In three incredibly close matches, Caps was able to end the Cinderella story of Pabu 2-1 and take home the trophy.

Voyboy move proves crucial

In the 2v2 charity competition, the final saw the pairing of Captain Jack and Faker face off against Doublelift and Voyboy for all the marbles.

Before the match started there was an agreement between the two squads that they would play it out with the same champions, with each selecting two champions generally seen in the Support role – Thresh and Alistar.

Korea were able to maintain a cs lead for much of the match-up before a nice hook from Voyboy’s Thresh was able to set up for massive damage on to Faker. Eventually Korea overstepped, and both Voyboy and Doublelift were able to take advantage and take out both Faker and Captain Jack without dying, giving them the victory.

Team East triumphant

Also taking place was an East v West showdown, although that involved every player being in an off-role rather than their traditional place.

The highlight in champion selection was the West picking up Nocturne for the Mid lane, which allowed for additional global presence alongside Karthus in the Bottom lane, chosen for Kira.

Not only was this game incredibly entertaining with a double ace at one point that saw all 10 champions dead at the same time, but it ended in just under 40 minutes with an amazing 106 kills between the two squads.

East were the eventual winners, capping what as regarded as one of the better all-star events in recent memory.