Falcons bolster CS2 roster with ex-Astralis legend – eSports

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Danish veteran Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen has joined Saudi-backed Counter-Strike 2 organization Falcons as their new fifth this week as they continue to prepare for ESL Pro League Season 19 in Malta. The squad will, in a month’s time, hope for a better performance in Malta than they had in the qualifiers for the PGL Copenhagen Major, which wasn’t good enough as they will miss the PGL Copenhagen Major.

Falcons were rumored to be picking up CS:GO GOAT S1mple after undergoing a trial with them last month, but those rumors turned cold on Tuesday, March 26, as Falcons confirmed the addition of Dupreeh to the squad full-time on social media. The five-time Major champion will now link up with some of his former associates in previous teams, like coach Zonic and teammate Magisk from his days with Astralis.

Falcons revealed more about the signing with their official statement, outlining that the partnership with Dupreeh extends to 2025.

“We’re thrilled to announce dupreeh, a 5-time major champion, is joining us! After overcoming challenges at Vitality, he’s shown remarkable resilience and skill; peter brings vast experience from his time with Heroic, astralis, and preasy, aligning perfectly with our performance and coaching model of Zonic and Lars. More than just a top player, peter’s positive spirit will enhance our team culture. Our journey with him begins now, with plans until 2025 and an open approach to adapt if needed, with the flexibility of mutual termination if the expectations are unmet.” The statement read.

Dyupreeh said he felt the pain the Saudi-based team felt from missing out on the Major but was happy to get the opportunity to try and qualify with the guys from Preasy. The Danish rifler has attended all 19 CS:GO Majors, but he got benched by Vitality after they won the BLAST Paris Major and made the grand final of the BLAST Premier Spring Final in June 2023.