2021 LCK Spring Split: T1 secures playoffs ticket after SANDBOX lost against HLE

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T1 doesn’t need to sweat further after securing a playoffs spot in the  2021 LCK Spring Split after Liiv SANDBOX’s lost their game against Hanwha Life Esports on Sunday.

This means even if they lose their matches in the coming weeks, their spot in the playoffs won’t go to any other team.

Due to their loss to Hanwha Life Esports, SANDBOX has been stopped at having shot for the playoff spot. The defeat also leaves them in the last spot of the 2021 LCK Spring Split’s rankings.

It’s a double victory for the League of Legend team as they have also secured a spot in the Spring Playoffs. This is because LSB won’t be among those that will be competing for the final spot even if they win their next series in the last two weeks of the regular split.

According to the current LCK standings, T1  is now in fifth place after a back-to-back win over KT Rolster in last week’s Telecom war and Gen.G this week.

Losing their next matches could see T1 dropping further to 6th. Although they can drop to sixth place, that won’t affect the playoffs ticket already secured. They got the edge after securing a few more points over Credit BRION and Nongshim RedForce throughout the split.

Meanwhile, either of the two teams is not out of the playoffs race. KT Rolster is currently hanging to their sixth place in the rankings but could lose it if they lose their last series since the first five spots are now secured.

It, therefore, means the battle for the final spot will be between the three teams. It is expected to be tough.

Meanwhile, Faker returned to the LCK stage after three weeks hiatus. Faker replaced Closer in the T1’s line on Saturday in their bid to earn the playoffs spot, which was secured after a crucial victory over 10-4 team Gen.G. What remains unclear is if he’ll play in their last series.

Written by Oladipupo Mojeed