Zven joins new LCS team to make pro LoL comeback – eSports 

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New reports indicate that Zven is planning to make a return to the LCS as he is set to join Dignitas. The player will reportedly join Dignitas in preparation for the 2024 LCS Summer Split. 

He previously played as a support in the 2023 Split with his former team, Cloud9, but he will be returning as an AD Carry. He was replaced by Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol at C9, but he had already won the 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs and qualified for MSI 2023 with them. Also he lost the LCS Championship final to NRG.

Zven is one of the most successful AD carries in the Western League of Legends, having won four LEC and four LCS titles. The Dane has been featured on a lot of esports teams in the past, including G2 Esports, SK Gaming Prime, Origen, and TSM. It’s not surprising that the Danish legend has the most pentakills in their LCS career. 

Zven is set to replace Frank “Tomo” Lam in the AD carry role. Similarly, Dignitas brought in top laner Licorice on May 8. The experienced player missed out on the split because of Golden Guardians’ unexpected exit from the LCS.

Meanwhile, Zven will play alongside Jonah “Isles” Rosario at Dignitas. Dignitas played for C9 in 2022 in the AD carry role, which should make it easier for him and Zven to synergize before the start of the split. 

Dignitas will have their bot lane and Licorice in the top lane, and they can also rely on eXyu and Dove to deliver game-winning performances in the league. The team are still searching for their first-ever LCS title, but they could depemd on the veterans’ experience on their roster to deliver silverware success in the different competitions that they will be participating in during coming months.