VALORANT: Players can now see enemies through smoke with Omen teleport

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VALORANT has another issue in its hand after a player discovered Omen teleport exploitation that will allow enemies to see through the smoke.

Riot developers have now got another adjustment to do in their hands. This is another discovery in July by players. They discovered a way to plant spike outside of bombsites, a major problem for the developers.

This means once a play tries to defuse the spike in the game, it might be found in a surprising location. The players were able to discover this through the use of Phoenix’s ultimate ability.

Now, a VALORANT player has revealed an Omen exploit that allows allies to see enemies through the smoke.

Since reproducing the bug was simple, Omen begins his shrouded Step animation once players smoke an area. This will make them teleport anywhere.  Due to this, allies can then look through Omen’s body and know where the animation starts and spot unsuspecting enemies walking in the smoke.

The player was able to spine an enemy through Omen’s smoke after reproducing the bug. By this time, the enemies won’t even know what hit them.

This was also confirmed by other players, who claimed to have discovered this bug a while ago. They claimed that VALORANT subreddit mods deleted their post.

As things stand, it remains unclear if VALORANT knows about the exploit yet. This should expectedly not take them a long time to hotfix immediately. Moreover, it poses an unfair advantage to the players who know how to go about it, and it will leave the game to compromise.

The other time Omen was caught up in exploits, was when Omen players discovered they could use his ultimate to teleport inside the loading crate at Haven’s C site. By the exploit, they can plant the Spike during the closed beta, and prevent enemies from defusing it.