VALORANT: Fan shares clip showing Sova as a bigger threat to Haven

sova valorant
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One of the most important aspects of VALORANT is getting information about your enemies’ whereabouts to plan for the round.

This is now possible courtesy of a genius act from a VALORANT fan. He shared a clip recently involving five game-changing Recon Bolt locations, which showed how Sova was a bigger threat to Haven.

This is how Sova achieved it. While positioning itself beside the boxes stacked on top of each other at the first entrance to Bombsite for the first Recon Bolt, Sova aimed for the tree above, but the arrow hit the door located in A Lobby. This covered a range that gave away where the enemy team was rotating.

From the Bombsite B the Recon Bolt required Sova to stick to the rounded edge of the site closer to Bombsite A. After shooting the arrow aimed at the gap between the giant bell on the ceiling and stair handles, it landed on a superb location around the Attacker Side Spawn, covering all the corridors of each bomb site.

At Bombsite C, the Recon Bolt arrow’s location was at the lower entrance. Recall that at the Bombsite A, Sova stood beside the stacked boxes with the arrow aimed between the tree and the roof of a far building. In C, the Recon Bolt landed on a tree. It, therefore, covered an area that tells if the enemy was going to C or taking the side route to Bombsite B.

In the last two Recon Bolts, A Garden was the shooting point, where Sova was before a vase one step higher than the ground. At this location, it aimed for the right edge of the left mountain for the first Recon Bolt, but the bolt landed on the second floor of Bombsite B.

The range of the arrow allows detecting anyone around B and also covered the corridor between Bombsite A and C.

Sova aimed the final arrow in C for the left side of the left mountain in front of the same vase again but landed on the door located in the middle entrance of Bombsite B. This covered all the entrances that led to the site.

Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed