Valheim becomes part of top-5 most-played games of all time on Steam

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History has been made on Steam after Valheim sold 4 million copies to become the fifth most played game on Steam.

The sales feat was recorded in just three weeks, according to the announcement made by developer Iron Gate AB on Wednesday.

The game entered the fray through early access on February  2. Since its debut on the platform, Valheim has become the positive talk in the online gaming discussion. This is due to its heavily engaged player base and a strong presence on streaming sites like Twitch.

Reacting to the development, the Iron Gate team said after Valheim first hit Steam Early Access three weeks ago, they had hoped that all the hard work put into it for the past three years would get the deserved attention. Now that the game has gotten the needed attention, it could be said that the three years underground worth every bit of it. Valheim is now resonating with all the four million fans.

Valheim was from the stable of Coffee Stain Publishing. The Iron Gate’s debut title is from the same studio behind the success of viral Steam titles like Deep Rock Galactic and Satisfactory.

It sold one million four days it hit the three million mark. In the past weekend, the game also played host to 500,000 concurrent viewers at a point to be one of the most-played games in the history of Steam.

As the record stands, Valheim is now behind Dota 2, CS: GO, PUGB, and Cyberpunk 2077 in terms of games that ever surpassed the 500,000 concurrent player threshold during the platform’s history.

Now that these impressive milestones have been reached, it doesn’t look like Valheim will slow down any time soon, having received over 81,000 positive reviews on Steam. This also put it as the 57th best-reviewed game in that manner on Steam.

Looking at the rate it is breaking records; it won’t be a surprise to Valheim reach 5 million sold copies this week,

This is because the game has been experiencing exponential growth in February. This could help the game to grow its player base throughout the year.

This is a good story for Valheim that started as a flash in the pan. It is now part of the best-selling game of 2021 thus far.

 Written by Oladipupo Mojeed